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Every animal lover knows how pets (especially dogs) will sit and stare as though trying to fathom what's going on inside the human's head.  Likewise, how many animal lovers have pondered the same about their beloved pets?  Pardoning the play on Descartes, they think, therefore they are.  A real animal lover is shocked by the rescued pound puppy that cowers before humans or dodges whenever a friendly hand is lifted to pat it on the head.


All Pet's Lives Matter is a dedicated effort to raise awareness of animal cruelty with the aim of education and prevention.   Our storefront offers uniquely designed lapel pins, car magnets, and window stickers to go to worthy animal health research and protection programs aimed at educating the public and rescue of animals from ill treatment by cold hearted people.


Who are the animal abusers to raise awareness of?


Children have to be taught to be gentle with animals—not only because the animal may react dangerously, but more importantly because animals feel pain.  Animals are living beings.  They move around, look through expressive eyes, show various emotions.  They will try to defend themselves if they are being hurt.  They have that right.


Bullies and psychopaths delight in causing pain to animals; and just like reporting suspected child abuse, any maltreatment of innocent animals should be referred to the proper authorities.  Such people when abusing animals usually secure the victim before inflicting torture.  That behavior demonstrates the fact that those people are well aware of the right an animal has to defend itself.


Animal hoarders are among the worst animal abusers.  It is serious abuse for a person to take in animals beyond their ability to care for them.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear about houses where 20 or 30-odd cats or dogs are locked inside with so little food and water that there are animal carcasses laying around.


Illegal "puppy farms" where animals are kept cooped up and used as breeders to produce offspring for sale are another form of animal abuse.  There are abundant horror stories of what has been found after raids on such places.


Animals trained and outfitted for fights to the death are insidious examples of extreme animal abuse.  It is comparable to the treatment of human gladiators in the bloody circus of Rome.  Maltreating animals in that way is unfathomable to pet lovers everywhere.


Why be aware of which animals suffer the most abuse?


Any animal may be abused or neglected.  The animals most mistreated in descending order are dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.  It is not uncommon to read stories about the dog who would not leave the gravesite of its beloved master.  Tales of heroic, life-saving deeds of dogs often touch people's hearts.  Yet these empathetic animals are the ones most abused by cruel, thoughtless people.  Beatings, starvation, maiming, abandonment and even emotional abuse happen to innocent dogs daily.


Abandonment happens far too often with house cats that are put out by the side of the road to fend for themselves.  They are not equipped to survive that experience.  Hitting and kicking cats is another kind of abuse these pets endure.  Not only is it cruel, it serves no purpose.  The cat or kitten has no idea why it has been treated that way.


Large animals like horses and other livestock are also often abused or neglected.  We, at All Pet's Lives Matter, want the public to be aware of cruelty to large animals and report it to proper authorities.  Large animals penned up in a small space without food or water quickly show the signs of their maltreatment by rib exposing thinness.


All Pet's Lives Matter to people like us


We hope you are one of us.  Help us support important programs that fight animal cruelty, promote veterinary medicine research, and agencies rescuing animals and looking for proper homes for them.  Let us work together to change sad animal eyes to looks of love from animals who know they are loved and cared for.  Click here for more information.




Our four legged friends have no voice. It is up to us humans to speak out for those that can not speak for themselves and for those four legged friends that can not stand up for themselves.


Remember our friends’ motto: Be loyal and faithful, be quick to forgive and LOVE unconditionally.

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